The buildings and other structures that dot the landscape of the Placentia area are deeply resonant of its colourful and richly textured history. It is a history that is safely moored in our memories and thoughts. No matter where we go, a part of the near and more distant past threads seamlessly throughout the here and now.

So, why not take a moment to explore the places that give life to the area around Placentia? Discover the archaeology that has brought life to its history. Travel further around Placentia to places such as Branch and Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve, located on the Cape Shore. Find some of these places on the map to the right. Wander through and enjoy a taste of the history and culture around Placentia.

Simply choose from the menu box in the upper left of the map and a drop down menu will reveal information on the various sites on the map.

If you wish to learn more, there are several books that have been written on the various aspects of Placentia area history.

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